Tornado in Johnson County damages homes, knocks down trees

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PRINCES LAKES, Ind. (July 12, 2015) — The National Weather Service in Indianapolis confirms a tornado, rated an EF-0, tore through Johnson County Sunday morning. Princes Lakes, a small town west of Edinburgh, caught the brunt of the tornado. The 80 mile per hour wind left trees broken, splintered and twisted. Part of a tree punctured the roof of the Ford’s home on West Bauer Drive.

“I woke up when my parents came in to my room, they were yelling at me, ‘Jamie get up, Jamie get up’. I didn’t know what was going on, and then I looked over and I saw the limb in my room,” said Jamie Ford who was just five feet from that tree.

Ford’s mother, Jo, said the wind was still blowing outside.

“Things started hitting the house and I just had time to put my hands over the back of my head, put my face down and say, ‘God help us’,” said Jo Ford.

The National Weather Service said the tornado began it’s path about two miles southwest of Trafalgar, with straight-line wind damage mixed in. There are no reports of injuries.

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