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FRANKLIN, Ind. — They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That couldn’t be more true for this father-son duo.

Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran has been in law enforcement since 1993. In 2019, his son Keirsh is joining that rank, becoming the youngest active police chief in America.

After graduating from Huntington University, Keirsh thought he’d go into broadcasting. But then the riots in Ferguson, Missouri happened.

“It hit me at 25 years old that not everyone thinks police officers are the good guys,” Keirsh said.

Somehow, joining the broadcast world alongside the likes of David Letterman was no longer enough..

“When the veil was torn and the privilege was lifted a little bit and I saw that wasn’t the case I said I got to fix it!” Keirsh said.

Keirsh joined the Fort Wayne police force while traveling the country speaking openly about race reconciliation and the support of police.

“These don’t have to be mutual exclusive ideas,” Keirsh said. “I think there’s a stigma with officers that we can’t talk well we can fight well we can shoot well, not a lot of police officers can talk well.”

His communication skills are perhaps why he got the job as police chief at his alma mater.

“I’ve got a guy under me who started working for my department when I was 9 years old,” Keirsh said.

From that officer, he continues to grow while imparting his 21st-century knowledge where he can.

Keirsh is a third-generation law enforcement officer. He hopes to create a positive community partnership at Huntington University and stop crime before it starts.