Tips to save your soaked garden

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INDIANAPOLIS (July 15, 2015) — This week torrential rain has wreaked havoc on central Indiana yards.

Akard True Value’s garden center in Zionsville gave us some tips on saving your soaked gardens.

First, avoid walking on any waterlogged areas in your yard.

“You’re compacting the soil more than it already is,” said Joe Hollingsworth from Akard True Value Hardware.

Heavy rain can stimulate weeds, but resist the temptation to walk around and pick them until you’re sure your yard is completely dry.

If there is water around the edge of your flowerbed, try digging a small trench.

“If you can see there is water standing there, you can put a spade in it to open up the ground so it can relieve to lower ground,” said Hollingsworth.

Next, fertilize your yard.

“Fertilization would be huge. You usually put fertilizer down before, but with as much rain as we’ve had it just washed it out. It’s diluted all of the nutrients out,” said Hollingsworth.

If you can’t revive the plants, use what’s left for composting.

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