Tips for returning to work after coronavirus shutdown


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Parts of the Hoosier State continuing to reopen this morning.

That means many people are likely heading back to work soon or some may already have.

But how do you make that transition back into the office or work as smooth as possible?

Purdue professor Ellen Ernst Kossek has some tips about what you can do right now to get back into your routine.

  • Reflect on your work from home experience
  • Have supplies ready for your workspace on your first day back
  • Continue the best practices you’ve developed

“The good part of this is that we have learned to refocus on family and think about what’s important, a time to reflect, maybe healthier eating habits or not,” she explained.

If working from home just didn’t work for you, Kossek says that’s a learning experience as well.

She says understanding what works for you is key to achieving your highest potential.

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