LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after someone threw a water balloon at a vehicle, shattering the windshield.

“It was so loud and so impactful that I had glass on my face, in my hair, on my chest,” said Jessica Hamilton, the driver.

On Thursday morning, Hamilton was on her way to work, driving her normal route down 900 East and then on Wyandotte. Hamilton made it a half a mile when she saw something coming at her from the car in the other lane.

“I saw something come out of their window on the driver’s side window and I closed my eyes and when I closed my eyes it smacked so hard,” said Hamilton.

The other driver took off and Hamilton was able to pull over and figured out what it was that was thrown at her.

“It was a green water balloon,” she said. “It was stuck in my windshield, that’s how I knew it was a water balloon.”

Hamilton said she believes it was filled with water, but if it was frozen or filled with anything else, she said it does not matter. The incident was dangerous and it could have been deadly.

“What happened if I would’ve wrecked and killed someone else because I wrecked into them not being able to see,” said Hamilton.

She said right before the impact she remembers closing her eyes.

“Me closing my eyes might have saved me from getting glass in my eyes and being blind from the rest of my life,” said Hamilton.

Pictures of the damage show the shattered windshield and pieces of glass scattered on the dashboard.

Hamilton is a mom and a grandma. Right behind where she was sitting is a car seat for one of her grandsons. She wants whoever did this to think about their actions and their own family.

“One instant can cause everyone to have no one,” said Hamilton.

A police report was filled with the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff tells FOX59, so far no one has been arrested.