Tip expert with Crime Stoppers discusses what to look for when examining Delphi sketch, audio

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DELPHI, Ind. – Less than 24 hours after Indiana State Police released new information in the Delphi murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, investigators said they have received more than 1,000 tips.

“Obviously the whole community wants the person to be found," said life-long Delphi resident Jared Isley, "but I feel like if there was better evidence, video [or] picture it would help a bit more.”

The new information includes a new sketch that looks drastically different than the previous one. The suspect appears younger looking and shaven in the new sketch. Video and audio recordings of the suspect were also released.

Tip experts with the Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana suggest people key in on the eyes, nose and jaw line of the new sketch. They said when people meet someone this is often the area of focus.

“For a lot of people, when we look at people especially in the eye, that makes a T,” Crime Stopper Director Daniel Rosenberg said.

As for the audio recording, Rosenberg suggests people listen for familiar phrase structures or pauses between words.

“Especially if you’re listening to it on a television, you might close your eyes. Sometimes that gives us a visual of who's talking," Rosenberg said. “When cases become very hard is when you don't have anything to work.”

A Kansas City family went 11 years wondering who killed their loved one Jeff Rogers. The 25-year-old made a call to police as he died, and was able to describe his attackers, but police could not catch the attackers. More than a decade later, an anonymous tip led to an arrest.

“First off any tip is a good tip, there’s a difference between a good tip and a great tip," Rosenberg said. "It's about taking your time it's about sifting through it, and finding the little gems hidden in those big piles of paperwork.

State police want to make sure that anyone sending a tip to their Delphi Murder tip email, abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com, that people leave specific information, not just a name and call back number. Any information shared here will be confidential.

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