We have one more dry day with comfortable humidity levels around central Indiana before changes make their way into the state. We’re starting off Wednesday morning with slightly warmer temperatures compared to Tuesday. We’re still comfortably cool with temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 60s. The Indiana State Fair reopens today! If you’re planning to get out there this week, this will be the best day. Temperatures Wednesday afternoon will rise to near average, in the mid 80s and the humidity will remain at a comfortable level.

A flooding situation is unfolding to our west where heavy rainfall and training storms have been passing through Missouri. Flash Flood Warnings are currently in place. The Weather Prediction Center has the eastern side of Missouri and western side of Illinois highlighted under the greatest threat for flash flooding with this system.

This system will move east today and bring us rainfall overnight into Thursday morning. Fortunately for us, the bulk of the rainfall will stay to our southwest but some pockets of heavy showers are possible for our southwestern counties. A sharp cutoff in the heavy rainfall means a slight shift in the track of this storm could greatly change the amount of rain we see. Again, the heaviest will still be in our southwestern counties.

Wildfire smoke is back overhead and skies have turned hazy. We’ll see hazy skies again today with the thickest smoke expected in our eastern counties tonight and early Thursday before the smoke is pushed out again. Our air quality has taken a slight his since this smoke has moved in but overall, this will remain primarily in the upper atmosphere an no major air quality impacts are expected.

We turn much more humid Thursday into the weekend while temperatures rise to the upper 80s Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be a transition day with more rain and storms around at times. By early next week, we’ll be much cooler and less humid again.