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Charles Lehman pleaded guilty to murder in June 2017 and was sentenced to 50 years in prison with five years suspended. Opal Williams pleaded guilty to murder in Feb. 2016 and is serving a 50-year sentence. Ricky King pleaded guilty to murder in Dec. 2016 and is serving a 45-year sentence.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 23, 2015) – Three people are accused of killing a 52-year-old man.  Police believe the person who plotted Steven Williams’ murder was Williams’ wife. Investigators say that Opal Williams, along with her boyfriend Ricky King and his cousin Charles Lehman, conspired to kill him.

Mrs. Williams reported her husband missing on March 14.

“On March 17, IMPD officers located  Mr. William’s van under the bridge, which is van that she reported him last being seen in,” explains Rafael Diaz, with IMPD.

On March 19 at approximately 10 p.m., IMPD officers were dispatched to 2200 block of Bluff Road on a report of a body rolled in a carpet, under a bridge.

After questioning the suspects, detectives believe King and Leham somehow lured Mr. Williams into a vehicle with them.  The three men drove to the White River.  King and Leham are accused of stabbing Mr. Williams to death and leaving his body near the river bank in a piece of carpet.

“It’s a tragic incident and it shouldn’t be taken lightly,” explains Diaz.

Investigators believe Mr. Williams was killed on March 10, four days before his wife reported him missing.

No motive has been released.  All police are saying is this is a domestic related incident.

All three suspects are facing preliminary charges.