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WESTFIELD, Ind.– For two years, three Hoosier women hosted a podcast under fake names documenting their spouses’ journey’s with addiction.

Jessica Miller-Bock, Katie McHone-Jones and Shannon Sullivan started their friendship in the most unlikely of places– a support group for families of those with substance abuse.

“I think the circumstance was unique that brought us together,” Sullivan said.

McHone-Jones says it was an instant connection and one that helped each of them get through difficult times.

“I remember feeling so alone,” McHone-Jones said.

As their bond grew, the friends realized just how important connecting with others was in their journeys.

So they decided to launch the ‘Boy Problems Podcast’ to connect with the loved ones of addicts.

“We try to share the resources that helped our partners and families move from active addiction into recovery,” Miller-Bock said.

At first, the women kept their identities a secret.

“We were anonymous,” McHone-Jones said. “There’s a lot of shame and stigma around addiction. The three of us weren’t sure what negative consequences it would have”

After talking with their husbands, they decided to come forward to show others that addiction can impact anyone from any walk of life. 

The podcasters also launched ‘Recovering Too’ to support families dealing with substance use disorders.

“When you’re in the midst of active addiction, it makes you feel very helpless,” Sullivan said.

“If we can help one person, for me that’s it,” McHone-Jones said.

McHone-Jones husband is six years sober and doing well. Miller-Bock’s husband is approaching two years sobriety and she says he’s going great. Sullivan’s boyfriend of ten years is currently 21 months clean and sober.