Three customers foil robbery by tackling thief and holding him down until police arrived

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 4, 2016) — Some brave customers helped foil a robbery over the weekend on Indy’s southeast side.

Police were called to the village pantry in the 5900 block of East Thompson road around 12:15 a.m. on a report of a robbery at a business.

When officers arrived, they found a group of customers holding down the robbery suspect.

One of the good Samaritans recalls looking inside the store and seeing the clerk being robbed.

“This kid was demanding money yelling at the cashier,” said Dalton Perry.

Perry said he and his friend immediately agreed they weren’t going to let the thief escape.

“I looked at Dakota and he said, ‘We`ve got to do something,’ said Perry.  “I was like, ‘Yeah, we`re not gonna let him get away.’”

With Perry standing on one side of the gas pump, his friend Dakota stood on the other side and the pair tried to box the suspect in.

“He started to run towards Dakota, then stopped and turns towards me and started to back up a little bit,” said Perry.

That’s when a third customer tackled the suspect from behind.

After being wrestled to the curb, the teen surrendered without struggle until police showed up a few minutes later.

“I think he knew he wasn`t going anywhere with three of us standing over top of him,” said Perry/

Laying on the ground Perry says the suspect offered some strange excuses for the theft.

“He was trying to say he was part of a social experiment to see how this would go,” said Perry.

The suspect is only 15 and police aren’t releasing his name, but they did book him into the juvenile center on a charge of attempted robbery.

Perry is only two years older than the suspect, but clearly has a better outlook on life, and knows he’s lucky to have escaped the run-in without getting hurt.

“I feel like we should help more people in a time of need like that,” said Perry.  “I was a little nervous and worried he may have weapon. I’m glad it didn`t backfire on us. It was little bit nerve-wracking.”

Although no one got hurt, police do not recommend people get physically involved trying to stop a crime.

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