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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Three people are accused of trying to steal thousands of dollars in items from stores at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Criminal charges of theft and counterfeiting were filed against the Hasani Scott, Natasha Bell and Anrianna Davis this week. The suspects from California made their first court appearances in Marion County Wednesday.

Authorities say the suspects rung up more than $5,000 in fraudulent purchases, which included items like Apple watches and Beats headphones.

Prosecutors claim the suspects were caught after they returned the next day and tried to use fake debit cards at the same store a second time and an employee became suspicious.

“Those who are intent on scamming have become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to replicate cards and commit those crimes,” said Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry.

According to court records, the account numbers on the face of the suspects’ cards were all fraudulent and the attempted scam wasn’t all that high-tech because the security codes on the back of the cards had been scratched off and new ones added by stickers that resembled those made by a label maker.

Prosecutor Curry says fraud cases against people who travel in from out of Indiana are becoming more common and can be hard to prosecute.

“You know in our modern society, whether it’s the ability to do it online or travel nationally, it’s something that happens and obviously it becomes difficult to prosecute,” said Curry.

During their court hearing, all three suspects entered pleas of not guilty in the case.