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NOBLESVILLE, Ind.– A 2-year-old girl battling cancer and her 4-year-old sister’s wish for Christmas cards has garnered an incredible response from around the world. The response was so large, a handful of Indianapolis area organizations coordinated to surprise the girls with a few days left before Christmas.

In November, Kaydence and Salem Weaver made the request to be sent 500 Christmas cards for the holiday. Kaydence, who is just 2 years-old, is battling rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of soft tissue cancer.

To help Kaydence and Salem’s family through the holidays, members of The Pendleton Heights Middle School, the Noblesville Fire Department, the Noblesville mayor’s office and the Tipton police and Sheriff’s departments took part in what the family dubbed “a perfect day.”

It started at Pendleton Heights Middle School. Students from Mrs. Mckissick’s  8th grade class helped to rally others to present the girls with hundreds of Christmas cards. One student even pitched in money to buy gifts.

 “It’s amazing, especially for junior high students. You don’t always see the compassionate side of them, but honestly some of my tougher students made two or three cards,” McKissick said.

For Kaydence and Salem, it was amazing, and also just the beginning of the day.

Nearly 20 miles away, members of the Noblesville Fire Department were cooking up their own surprise.

Todd Estes said when he and the crews heard about the girls, they immediately jumped in. Estes quickly purchased two giant size cards for the department to sign.

“After we jumped on board the mayor’s office jumped on board, city employees jumped on board, next thing we know we had cards coming from other communities being dropped off here,” Estes said.

The mayor’s office also purchased two large sized cards. The perfect day continued on.

In Tipton, outreach from across the community including the police and sheriff’s departments, provided the perfect finale. Donors presented the girls with hundreds of cards. Officers, deputies and volunteers also supplied gifts, including toys and clothing.

“The girls deserve it absolutely, I cannot imagine, being two years old and going through what she’s been through, and as you can see it’s not slowing her down. It’s an amazing thing,” said Brad Robbins of the Tipton Police Department.

By the day’s end it became abundantly clear it was one of the best days these girls ever had. For one perfect day, hope, love, and gratitude were in no short supply.

At the girls’ home, thousands of letters have piled up. The girls’ aunt Misty said some of those letters have even come from around the world.

“We’ve gotten some from Australia, Canada, and Germany,” she said.

Misty says every time she checks the post office there are hundreds more letters waiting for them. She estimates the girls now have received around 10,000 letters. More letters arrive daily.

“I was really shocked that people have done this for them,” Misty said.