Thousands attend visitation for Southport Lt. Aaron Allan

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SOUTHPORT, Ind. – Thousands of people are expected to pay their respects to fallen Southport Lt. Aaron Allan at his visitation today.

Allan’s visitation is from 2 to 7 p.m. at Crown Hill Funeral Home. The flag presentation ceremony can be viewed above.

His funeral will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m.

Allan was fatally shot last Thursday while responding to the scene of a car crash in Homecroft. Police say Aaron was trying to help Jason Brown, the driver of the vehicle, when brown pulled out a gun and shot Allan 11 times. He’s been charged with murder.

Southport Police Chief Tom Vaughn called Allan a “close friend”. He added that over the past few days the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.

“Without the community support that we’ve had and our brothers in law enforcement, it would be a lot more difficult time right now to get up everyday and get dressed,” Vaughn said.

Among the steady line of people who paid their respects was a group of officers from across the country. Officers from  Dallas, Fort Worth, New York, Chicago and Virginia all made the trip.

“We recently had five Dallas officers killed so it hits home when a tragedy like this happens, not matter where it is in the United States,” Fort Worth police officer Johnny Barron said.

Following the visitation today and funeral tomorrow, Allan will be buried in the same area where Deputy Chief Waters was laid to rest earlier this week — the heroes of public safety section at Crown Hill.

Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police president Rick Snyder says the death of Lt. Allan is a stark reminder of the sacrifice officer’s and their families make.

“If you think about it their families really loan their loved ones to our community and really write a blank check to them. Every day they don’t know if their loved one is going to come home or not, and so it just reminds us of what our folks risk every day for people they don’t even know,” Snyder said

Allan was a husband and father to two children, and he had nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience.

Donations for Lt. Allan’s family can be made online here or mailed to:

Indianapolis Police Foundation

1525 South Shelby Street

Indianapolis, IN, 46203

(Reference the Lt. Aaron Allan Family Fund)


Donations may be made in person at:

Professional Police Officers Credit Union

1502 East Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN, 46201


Processional Route for Lt. Aaron Allan will be as follows – 7:00 a.m.:

  • From Crown Hill
  • South on Clarendon Road to East 38th Street.
  • East on 38th Street to Meridian Street and south on Meridian.
  • Meridian Street to North Street and east on North Street.
  • North Street to Pennsylvania Avenue and south on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • South on Pennsylvania Avenue to Bankers Life


Processional Route for Lt. Aaron Allan from Bankers Life to Crown Hill:

  • North on Pennsylvania from Bankers Life to Washington St.
  • West on Washington St. to Capitol Ave
  • South on Capitol Ave to McCarty
  • East on McCarty to Madison Ave
  • South on Madison Ave to Banta Ave
  • East on Banta Ave to Derbyshire Rd
  • South on Derbyshire to Southport Police Department, pause at Southport PD for 1042. Proceed south to Southport RD
  • West on Southport Rd to US31
  • North on US 31 to Delaware
  • North on Delaware to Michigan
  • West on Michigan to Illinois
  • North on Illinois to 34th St.
  • West on 34th Street to Graceland (Garrison Flag)
  • West on 34th to entrance to Crown Hill Cemetery

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