After a mild weekend with great weather for the Indy 500, get ready for the warmest week of the year so far. Memorial Day will be sunny and warmer with highs in the mid-80s. An Air Quality Alert, for high levels of ozone, will be in effect for more than dozen counties, including Marion county, for Monday.

The warming trend will continue and by the middle of the week high temperatures will be near 90° on the last day of May (Wednesday) and in the 90s Thursday , Friday and Saturday.

This will be a sunny week with the humidity in the comfort zone through Tuesday, before the air becomes more humid for the rest of the week. Our rainfall for May is almost two inches below average and our next best chance for rain will come in the form of scattered thunderstorms, Thursday and Friday.

May has been a mild month so far.

The pollen count is high and ozone levels will be elevated tomorrow.

Monday will be a sunny, warm day.

Temperatures and humidity will rise later this week.