INDIANAPOLIS — There is good news for high school seniors at Indianapolis Public Schools who are planning to attend college next year.

Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be automatically admitted into Indiana University Indianapolis, currently IUPUI.

A current IUPUI student said she thinks the new initiative will not only have a big impact on IPS high school students across the board but will also positively impact incoming first-generation college students like herself.

“It’s crazy to think I’ve come this far,” said Emily Hernandez, an IUPUI senior and a former IPS student.

Hernandez is a first-generation college student from Indianapolis. She is a proud alumna of Crispus Attucks High School, an Indianapolis public school, that now gets to be a part of a brand-new initiative to help more young students further their education.

“It’s a very rewarding feeling for students who want to pursue post-education after high school, so I think it’s great,” she said.

The new initiative is known as Seamless Admissions. Any high school senior enrolled at an IPS school who has at least a 3.0 GPA will automatically be admitted into IU Indianapolis without having to go through the arduous application process.

“It’s a process that our staff came up with, our colleagues we have here at IU Indianapolis, working with our colleagues at IPS, realizing that there is more we can do to make the entry to college easier and more seamless for students,” said PJ Woolston, the vice chancellor for enrollment management. “The whole idea is, what can we do so if we know you are going to qualify for admissions that we can just admit you and it’s an option you’ve got right off the bat. You don’t have to apply, you don’t have to wonder, you go into the process knowing that you are admitted.”

The new initiative was just launched this week to make it easier for IPS students to attend college.

“The stress is, ‘I am not exactly sure if I am college material.’ They are just not sure, ‘Is college right for me? Is it going to pay off for me?’ Yes, absolutely, it’s going to and we can help you do that,” Woolston said. “And if we can help you not have to wonder about that part, that’s the whole point of Seamless Admissions.”

And as a first-generation college student herself, Hernandez said she is excited to see what this new initiative will do for the future of first-generation college students. 

“It would definitely be cool to see more representation, more people reaching their goals, and helping their families,” she said. “Parents of those students want a better life for them, so I think it would be really cool to pay back to past generations, like ‘this is all worth something.’”

Current IPS high school seniors who meet the requirements will receive an email and postcard letting them know that they qualify for admission to IU Indianapolis. Qualifying students will just need to fill out a short online form to activate their admission. From there, they can decide if they want to enroll. 

The first students taking part in this new initiative will begin classes next fall. To learn more about the new initiative, click here.