Thinking of trying a “fad diet?” You may want to think twice


Whether its Keto, Paleo, plant based, or even the Zone, chances are you’ve probably seen or heard someone talking about a new diet they’re on.  

You may have even tried a few yourself. 

But behind some of these trends, comes a warning. Fad diets may not do what you want them to.  

Dieticians and nutritionist say that’s because many of these plans aren’t built for the long term. Some, like Keto, cut out an entire food groups that can leave you short on some much needed nutrients. It can also can lead to issues down the road. Then there’s the school of thought that suggests being too restrictive about what you eat can set you up for failure down the road.  

” I like to use these words, accelerate or sustainable. Which do you want when it comes to your eating? Certainly any diet, like Keto or whatever, because you’re paying attention, because you have awareness with your choices and your portions, you probably will eat fewer calories and so you may see weight loss. But is it sustainable? Not just months down the road, but years down the road. will you actually be eating like that years down the road? ” registered dietician Kim Galeaz said.

Galeaz says she doesn’t discount that some people may find incredible success with certain diets After all, every person and every situation is different. But she adds that generally, for long -term and sustained changes it’s not so much about what you eat rather the relationship you have with food. 

“What is your food attitude? When you start saying I can’t have that, that’s bad, that’s not a the healthiest food attitude and that sets you up for potential failure. You really want that (food), you just haven’t figured out how to deal with it the rest of your life so you think avoiding it is the answer That sets you up for failure. I want you to embrace all your favorite foods and learn how to eat them in a healthy way,” Galeaz said.

Ultimately, Galeaz says that people have to do what’s best for them. She adds that starts by having a real and truthful conversation about what you’re hoping to achieve. Thinking less about where you want to be next month, but rather where you want to be for the rest of your life.

One more note about the keto diet because its so popular right now..cardiologists are warning about the impact of adding too much saturated fat to your diet. As it can help accelerate heart disease, which is the biggest killer for men and women.  

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