Thieves target little league concession stand again

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A south side little league is dealing with thieves, again. In the past two months, there have been two break-ins at the Indiana Central Little League.

“They’re not taking away from the adults here; they’re taking away from our kids,” said Steve Light, with the Indiana Central Little League.

There’s now shattered glass and a boarded-up window on the second floor of the concession stand. Early Tuesday morning, someone climbed on a trash can, jumped over the railing and busted out the window. The thieves didn’t take food or candy. They wanted cash.

During the first burglary, the thieves got away with some money, the cash register and credit card reader. In both incidents, the thieves got in through the same window. League official Steve Light thinks the same people are responsible for both crimes.

“I’d like to catch the low life doing it because I would beat the tar out them and call the cops,” said Light.

The window was just recently repaired from the first break-in and the security system was upgraded for the first time in 20 years. These unexpected bills are expensive for a struggling league.

“This maybe it for us, if we don’t get some sponsor help or some community help, we may be hit really bad,” said Light.

300 kids are part of the Indiana Central Little League, playing ball instead of getting into trouble. The last tournament of the year is supposed to be this weekend. The stolen money was supposed to pay for concessions and trophies.

“It’s sad, really sad,” said Light.

Police reports were filed in both cases. If you know anything about either of the burglaries, call 262-TIPS.

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