Thieves steal Christmas gifts from family who just moved to Brownsburg to be closer to Riley hospital

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Thieves hit a family brand new to central Indiana.  Earlier this week, Jamie and Christy Bruesche stopped by their storage unit off Main Street in Brownsburg. They quickly noticed someone had already been there.

“Our hearts sunk; we knew. We didn’t even have to lift the door up. We knew,” Jamie said.

Remote control cars, charging devices, an Xbox headset, and a hoverboard—all gone.  The electronics are worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and they were all meant for an 11-year-old boy.

“Gutwrenching to know that your kid’s stuff has been taken,” Christy said.

The Bruesches just moved to Brownsburg a couple months ago so they could be closer to Riley Children’s Hospital for their youngest son.

Cody, 4, has a rare chromosome disorder.

“He died 19 times on us. (He’s had) countless surgeries and heart surgeries. When you live behind hospital walls for three years you lose or sell everything. We sold the last remaining thing we owned which was our house,” Jamie said.

For the first Christmas in their new house, the Bruesches wanted to make sure they kept the gifts a big surprise for Cody’s big brother, Ty.  So, mom and dad put them in a nearby storage unit.

“We feel like it could’ve been a targeted event, someone saw us put those gifts in there,” Jamie said.

The storage facility tells us at least one other unit was hit.

“I just want them to know they didn’t ruin our Christmas. We’re not going to let evil acts disrupt good people and good things,” said Jamie Bruesche.

Within less than 24 hours of learning about the break-in, this theft took a turn and their new community took over to help them out.

“If I took in everything the town has offered since it happened last night, I would have to rent five more houses to keep it. It’s got me emotional as we talk now,” Jamie said.

Months ago, the people who helped this family were strangers.  Now they’re the ones who remind us all about the spirit of Christmas.

“We couldn’t be more blessed with for a town that doesn’t even know us,” Jamie said.

The storage facility, a youth wrestling gym and other community members all pitched in to help the family replace every single item that was stolen. Brownsburg police are investigating the case.  So far no arrests have been made.

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