Thieves steal 30 vases from Bentonville cemetery

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BENTONVILLE, Ind. — Grieving families want to know who stole from their loved ones’ gravesites.

“This is a special cemetery to us,” said Marcia Conley-Cook, a widow.

Sometime Saturday night, thieves took off with 30 vases from Bentonville cemetery. Both of Conley-Cook’s husbands are buried in the cemetery, and now both headstones are without vases.

“I just looked and said, ‘Oh no.’ It was a shock,” said Cook-Conley.

The thieves ripped the vases off the headstones and then dumped the flowers next to the empty spot.

“I wasn’t too happy. Some low life people,” said Jack McCutcheon, a Bentonville Cemetery board member.

McCutcheon comes to the cemetery every day, and he was one of the first ones that saw the damage.

“God will get them is all I can say,” said McCutcheon.

This is just the latest blow to this small community. Right next to the cemetery is what’s left of Bentonville Christian Church. Back in June, a tornado destroyed the church. As the church works to rebuild, families are trying to figure out how to repair the headstones and wondering why someone would do this.

“I don’t think they probably got enough money to get much out of them,” said Cook-Conley.

As if the thieves didn’t do enough damage, they also busted two crosses and left them for families to find.

“I just hope God convicts them, and they just think about this. Would they want this done to any of their parents or grandparents’ tombstones?” said Cook-Conley.

Cemetery board officials did call and file a report with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

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