Thieves hit east side car shop twice in past week

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thieves hit an east side car lot not once, but twice in one week.  Both times the thieves were caught on camera.

“It was a planned deal. They knew what they were doing and what they were coming for,” said Albert Fullinkamp, owner of Big Al’s Auto Sales.

Big Al’s Auto Sales has been on the corner of Sherman and Prospect for nearly 20 years.  There have been crimes before, but not like the back-to-back break-ins this past week. Surveillance footage from Wednesday, July 24 shows three people, and one of them is throwing rocks at an office window.  When the rocks didn’t work, he got a brick.

“(He) busted the window out, came back about a half hour later and took the keys to everything out of the office, (keys) to every car,” said Fullinkamp.

You can see the thieves hide behind cars and crawl through the shattered window. The thieves were all wearing gloves and hoods covering their faces.  Once inside the office, two of the thieves shoved all the car keys into a trash can.

This was the first crime of the week.  Early Monday, July 29 was the second crime. Again, surveillance video shows three people wandering around the lot. They try unlocking some cars, and they move other cars to clear a getaway path. Minutes later, the thieves drive two stolen SUV’s off the lot.

“I’m not sure where they’re going with these cars, but I’d sure like to know,” said Fullinkamp.

Fullinkamp doesn’t think it’s the same three thieves in the burglaries.  Instead, he thinks it’s a group working together, selling the cars for scrap or parts.  They’re making money off his cars.

“This is how I feed my kids and pay my bills,” said Fullinkamp.

The owner of Big Al’s has a big warning for these thieves.

“I would recommend not coming back. That’s the best thing I can tell them,” said Fullinkamp.

The thieves stole a light blue 2006 Saturn Vue and a 2006 black Ford Expedition. IMPD is investigating these cases.  If you know anything that can help track down these thieves, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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