Thief steals truck belonging to volunteer working on Colts non-profit project

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INDIANAPOLIS –  A thief stole a truck filled with tools belonging to someone in Indianapolis from out of state working on a non-profit project with ties to the Colts. 

“In just a few short weeks this building is going to be complete and being used to help restore children’s lives,” said Caroline Frazier, director of kNOT Today.

A recently purchased building on the city’s east side will soon be the national headquarters for kNOT Today, a non-profit dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.  The organization was founded by Colts Coach Frank Reich and his wife, Linda.

“Frank and I have been coast to coast we’ve been all the way to the west coast in San Diego to the east coast in Philadelphia, and in Indianapolis it does happens here,” said Linda Reich, co-founder of kNOT Today.

A faith-based group called 8 Days of Hope usually travels across the country, helping rebuild after natural disasters.  This safe place is a new job for them.

“This is the largest project we’ve ever done,” said Steve Tybor, founder of 8 Days of Hope.

All the work is donated, which makes what happened earlier this week hit even deeper.  Someone stole a truck that belonged to one of their volunteer leaders.

“You’re just saddened, It’s just the grief. They’re doing a good thing and look at this, disappointment,” said Reich.

It’s not the truck that was stolen, it’s most of the volunteer’s tools too. Some of the tools were special.

“Those tools were as important as the truck. These were tools were given from his grandfather,” said Tybor.

Instead of getting mad, these organizers are giving grace.

“We all make mistakes. We’ve all fallen. We’ve all blown it,” said Tybor.

Most likely the thief didn’t realize who he was stealing from.

“We’re trying to do a good thing. We’re trying to help people. We’re trying to help children. We’re trying to help humanity and make a difference in our community and for people who are trying to tear down what we’re trying to build is disheartening,” said Reich.

This crime isn’t going to stop this group. They’re on a mission to help children and they’re going to make it happen.

“We are not going to let that get us down we are moving forward,” said Reich.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Hames and his family. 

The kNOT Today headquarters is set to open October 23.

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