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The two puppies stolen from the Humane Society of Johnson County have been recovered!


JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A thief crawled through a doggy door at the Johnson County Humane Society  and stole two puppies.

“Each one of our animals becomes part of us, so we are absolutely devastated by this,” said Anne Sutton, Executive Director of Johnson County Humane Society.

The theft happened Saturday afternoon while workers were in between shifts.  Sutton says someone jumped over a gate, crawled through the doggy door and took off with two pit bull puppies.

“I can’t even put into words about how low or awful they are. Awful,” said Sutton.

The thief stole two of the four puppies from the kennel.  The mom was right there with them. Sutton is sure the thief has been to this humane society before, scoping out the place and the pups.

“There’s no way you could’ve visually seen a puppy from the outside kennels or our building,” said Sutton.

The gray puppy is a female. The male is tan with black dot on its tail.  They’re both 5 weeks old.  It would’ve been at least another 5 weeks before they were ready for adoption.

“We want to be inviting and opening to the community, but we also can’t be violated like this,” said Sutton.

Safety changes are already in place.  Now every visitor will have to show a photo ID, which will be copied and kept on file. A new privacy fence and extra security cameras are also being installed.

The puppies were so new they didn’t even have a name yet. Humane society workers are worried about the thief’s intentions and the puppies’ safety.

“We just have to hope that someone steps up and does the right thing,” said Sutton.

Sutton is begging the thief to drop off the puppies in one of their outdoor kennels, no questions asked.

If you know anything that could help detectives, call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at 317-346-4654.