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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It was the staple of her wedding day and now it’s gone. An Indianapolis woman says someone broke into her husband’s car and stole her wedding dress. Now, she’s putting out a call to the community just in case it shows up for sale or at a pawn shop.

“He came in and he said ‘you need to get up. I need to call the police. Your dress is gone,’” Jessica Blackwell said.

Jessica says she thought she was dreaming. Now, she’s wide awake, regretting her decision to put her wedding dress in her husband’s car the day before he was to take it to the cleaners. Someone broke into his car sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the Southern Dunes apartments.

“Somebody had dug through the glove box and just completely went through everything in his car and in the trunk was my wedding dress because we were going to get it cleaned today and he was going to drop it off,” Jessica said.

Jessica says the dress needed to be clean after a muddy and miraculous August wedding day.

“Right before our ceremony it was all outdoors, there was a huge rain storm and like 10 minutes before we were supposed to walk down the aisle, it just opened up and the sun came out so it was kind of like a miracle,” Jessica said.

The new bride posted the dress on Facebook and in Indy bride groups asking people to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell the dress. It’s a blush color, size 14, Morilee dress that’s been altered at the top.

“Just to know that it’s gone I’ll never be able to hand it down. I’ll never be able to give it to my kids. Even like parts of it,” Jessica said.

Now, she hopes someone will step up and quietly return it.

“Whoever did this, they have to be at a pretty low place in their life and I just hope that I know that they’re hurting, but I hope they know that they can just leave it on the porch. You’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll feel better about what your decisions are. Just please bring it back, because it’s really important to us.”

Jessica says the veil she received from her mother-in-law was also in the trunk. She had it customized to wear on her wedding day. The couple did file a police report. They didn’t notice any signs of someone trying to pry the car door open.