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(NEXSTAR) – October is here, and that means it is officially spooky season. If you and your friends have outgrown the annual haunted house in your hometown, you might be interested in visiting someplace with a reputation for paranormal activity.

The Midwest is home to some of the spookiest places in the country. From cursed restaurants to haunted hotels, Yelp tapped into its data to come up with 15 of the region’s most haunted places to visit. The following list was compiled by identifying reviews that mentioned the term “haunted” and then ranking the sites based on several factors, including the total volume and ratings.

Hell’s Kitchen – Minneapolis, MN, 

“Oh yeah, and one last thing, this place might be haunted or hell itself, because both my partner and I tried to take a video of the holograms in the restroom (awesomely creepy) and neither of our videos came out, and the picture we took, was dark, and not on purpose…just saying.” – Yelper Martin L. 

Slippery Noodle Inn – Indianapolis, IN

“It is the oldest bar in Indiana, and the menu explains just how much history it has. Just as a quick abridged version, let’s just say that it used to be a bordello, thee John Dillinger would use it as a shooting practice spot (out back), it was a slaughterhouse (probably has some haunted tales as well), and it was part of the underground railroad.” – Yelper Lee B. 

Jailhouse Pizza – Brandenburg, KY

“Lots of legends and historic tidbits at this jailhouse. It is allegedly haunted. Possibly by an old inmate they have named Bigsby. Evidently unexplainable things and sounds are heard when upstairs dining or touring in the old jail cells.” – Yelp Elite Joseph G. 

The Decker House Bed & Breakfast – Mason City, Iowa 

“One of the better places to stay in Mason City if you’re visiting. A Lot of history in this old house, and some say it’s even haunted.” – Yelp Elite Anjelah S.

Story Inn – Nashville, IN

“Off the beaten path but worth finding and dining. Also rated as the most haunted restaurant in Indiana for those that like that sort of thing.” – Yelper Kevin N. 

The Country House – Clarendon Hills, IL

“I’ve been going to the Country House ever since I was a kid. I remember when there were rumors that it was haunted, I never saw the ghosts though.” – Yelp Elite Hady R.

The Old Talbott Tavern –  Bardstown, KY

“Now, I wish I’d have read up on this place before we went in as its history is fascinating!  Had I known, I would have stayed longer, and asked to look around.  Supposedly it’s been named the 13th most haunted inn in the United States!” – Yelp Elite Elizabeth C. 

The Elms Hotel & Spa – Excelsior Springs, MO

“Beds are comfortable and I slept great in spite of our room being haunted by Al Capone’s ghost.” – Yelper Jeff J. 

Fenton Hotel Tavern & Grille – Fenton, MI

“The menu has information on the history of the hotel and stories of it being haunted. That freaks me out, but I still like the place.” – Yelper Anne M. 

The Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, OH

“This place ought to stoke more than a few conversations. First there is the history of the place. Then the fact that it has been the set of more than a few Hollywood productions. Now add that it’s haunted and been seen on almost every ghost show investigation.” – Yelper Bryan G. 

Old Town Tatu – Chicago, IL 

“Turns out this place is haunted as it used to be a funeral home and crematorium (it was featured on Ghost lab, saw it on Netflix).” – Yelper Corey E. 

The Pfister Hotel – Milwaukee, WI

“The hotel is incredible inside! Having a reputation as being one of the most haunted hotels in the world makes it even more intriguing and exciting!” – Yelper Lukas S. 

The Golden Lamb – Lebanon, OH 

“There are even stories of haunts among the property, all harmless, but provoking, and mysterious all the same! First class establishment! – Yelper Emily D. 

Shakers Cigar Bar – Milwaukee, WI

“I enjoyed my cigar and whiskey while reading the haunted story of the bar. I wonder if we should believe it or not.” – Yelper Miram S.

Shiro Restaurant – Novi, MI

“Fairly famous for being listed as one of Michigan’s most haunted places….if they actually have ghosts, they must be damn good chefs!” – Yelp Elite Amber F.