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How much snow are we going to see this year? It’s a question I am asked a lot this time of year. And while the average annual snowfall for Indianapolis is 25 and a half inches, there are several factors that come into play.

Three out of the last ten years, Indianapolis snowfall has been above the seasonal average. But winter snow has been below average for the past seven years in a row. We only had 11 inches of snow last winter, less than half of what we normally get. And most of that, 7.3 inches, fell in one day on February 3rd.

The long-range weather pattern for the season is for us to be under the influence of La Nina. Again. This pattern has given us snowfall below average for the past three winters. But not this year.

The 90-day outlook for the upcoming winter is calling for average temperatures and average snowfall. But after a dry start to summer, precipitation picked up late into the season. We’re overdue for an active winter season and I think this is going to be the year we get back on track with near-average snowfall.

I am predicting six, one-inch snows for the upcoming winter.