INDIANAPOLIS — Tokitae, the killer whale that Jim Irsay donated to, died Friday of possible kidney failure, according to the website Friends of Toki.

“Over the last two days, Toki started exhibiting serious signs of discomfort, which her full Miami Seaquarium and Friends of Toki medical team began treating immediately and aggressively,” as stated from the representatives from the Friends of Toki. “Despite receiving the best possible medical care she passed away Friday afternoon from what is believed to be a renal condition.”

Originally known to the public as Lolita, Friends of Toki has honored the name that was given to her by Dr. Jesse White, the veterinarian that was working at the Miami Seaquarium when she was captured. “He was the first to call her Tokitae, which means ‘Nice Day, Pretty Colors’ in a Coast Salish language,” as stated in her biography on the Friends of Toki page.

In March of 2023, Irsay was part of a one-of-a-kind agreement that had the goal of setting Toki the killer whale free into her home waters. According to the website, Toki’s care required more than $200,000 per month and Jim Irsay’s generosity ensured that she was taken care of.

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