The Multiple Uses of Botox

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BOTOX has been around for several decades, most closely associated with it's ability to make wrinkles disappear. but these days it has many more uses.  In fact it can take a deep crevice in a chin and make it look as if the patient has had an implant inserted. 

"By relaxing that muscle," says Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Hamilton, "and it didn't take much, it softened her chin area and gave her a better chin projection and a little better profile."

Dr. Hamilton also uses BOTOX on women's necks. It's called the nefertiti lift.

"If we inject those vertical bands, those muscles relax and soften the neck.  And if you put the BOTOX in the back or posterior area, you can get a little bit of a lift effect," says Dr. Hamilton. 

​Years ago, BOTOX started as a drug to treat muscle spasms. but it's also good for overactive sweat glands. It helps kids with cerebral palsy, by relaxing contractions in their muscles. Parkinson's patients occasionally get a droopy lip.  Botox can help with that.  and it's also been used to treat patients with depression.  It's also used to treat migraine headaches.  The key is, after an area is treated, the patient needs to stay put.  

"It really connects to where it's going to work within a short period of time," says Dr. Hamilton. "But the patient has to take it easy during that period. It's not time to get a massage or run around the block. Because you want that BOTOX to stay where you put it, because it can drift." 

BOTOX lasts generally from three to four months.  

Maybe the best news for BOTOX as of late, is it's apparent ability to rejuvenate the skin. For more on that click on the link below.


But what Alicia Barbour is most pleased about  is her new profile. With just a few injections, and tiny bit of bruising afterwards, she has the chin she always wanted. 

"The chin is not something I had heard about. So I was really happy with that. Some patients have reported an allergic reaction to BOTOX, but Dr. Hamilton says that's rare and usually some numbing cream and/or ice helps reduce the pain at the injection site.  


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