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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — There’s competition in Indiana for certain vanity plate words and phrases, so drivers have to get creative with the spelling, numbers and letters they use.

In a review of some 120,000 database records, CBS4 Problem Solvers’ Jill Glavan discovered thousands of cases of nearly identical plates, leading to confusion and at least one mix-up over BMV fines.

However, a review of the database also uncovered some fun facts about which vanity plates are most sought-after in the state.

Below are the most popular plates issued with the same message but different number/letter combinations.

For instance, one plate might read BOILER while another reads BOIL3R. Or a variation of the GOIRISH plate might use the number 1 in place of the letter I. The letter O can be swapped for a zero, and so on.

There’s a three-way tie for fifth most popular:

  1. BOILER – 12 variations
  2. GOIRISH – 10
  3. BATMAN – 8
  4. TARDIS – 8
  5. BADWOLF – 7
  6. ILLINI – 7
  7. RATEDM – 7

We also took note of certain topics or themes that are popular, including sports, faith and pets. Among them:

  • Sports fans: BOIL3R, CH1CUBS, IND500, IUFAN, SCCRMOM
  • Car enthusiasts: 64VETT, 76COBRA, FORD64, GOTGTO, Z0O0M
  • Entertainment (TV shows and movies): 7ARDIS, BATM4N, BAZINGA, HANSOL0, IMGR00T