The long dry spell for Indianapolis has now reached 31 days. Over that period we’ve had .18″ of rain, making this the longest dry spell for the city in three years. September precipitation is now running more than an inch and a half below average and Abnormally Dry soil conditions, the first stage of drought, are starting to spread back across the state. A few spotty showers are possible Tuesday and Wednesday. These will be very light and isolated in nature, so most of us won’t see rain for the next couple of days.

Fall starts Saturday morning at 2:05am, so this is the final week of summer. Were going to start the new season with a taste of summer as the warmth is set to return. Temperatures will warm into the 80s by Wednesday and stay there through the weekend. Expect sunny, warm days and cool nights with our next best chance for rain not arriving until Sunday.

Indianapolis is in the midst of a long dry spell.

Tuesday will be a mild day.

Expect a warming trend this week.

Fall starts Saturday.