Much-needed rain fell across central Indiana Wednesday for the second day in a row. While some locations received more than an inch of rain , Indianapolis has only picked .01″ of rain over the last 48 hours. A few showers and storms will be likely through the evening. The best bet for any heavy rain with gusty winds will be well south of I-70.

A few showers will be likely Thursday morning and skies will clear during the afternoon. Temperatures on Thursday will be more seasonal with high temperatures in the mid 70s. A brand new warmup starts Friday and continues through the weekend. High pressure building over the eastern half of the states will keep skies sunny and temperatures will climb back into the 80s. The warmup will continue into next week with mid 80s possible by Tuesday.

The long dry spell for Indianapolis has now reached 43 days, the longest dry spell since the summer of 2020. With only. 18″ of rain so far, this is now the second driest September on record. In 2020, we only had .12″ of rain in September. Moderate Drought, the second stage of drought, has now spread to one-third of the state. The drought will continue to intensify as no rain is in the forecast for at least the next five days.

September has been a dry month and drought is intensifying across the state.

This has been a long dry spell.

Skies will clear during the day Thursday.

Temperatures will warm up this weekend.

Daylight hours are shrinking as we count down to Winter.