Rinse and repeat! That’s how the past couple days have played out and Thursday will come in stride. We’re starting off the day bright and comfortable. Temperatures will rise quickly into the afternoon. Clouds will start to build, due to the heat of the day, and a few isolated showers are possible this afternoon. Temperatures will climb back to the upper 80s and some locations could touch the 90° mark today.

We’re at the start of Meteorological Summer. Why do we refer to Meteorological Summer vs. Astronomical Summer, which begins June 21st? The full three-month-blocks of seasonal statistics, i.e., June, July and August, create less variation in season length and season start. This makes it easier to calculate seasonal statistics which are useful for agriculture along with a variety of other purposes.

The month of June brings in very little change in the daylight department but our temperatures do heat up a good bit. The average high temperatures will rise from 78° on the 1st of the month to 85° on the 30th of the month. We also pickup, on average, nearly 5″ of rainfall. Let’s hope that holds true this year as May came in nearly 2″ below average.

The humidity lowers Friday into the weekend but the temperature heats up. Indianapolis will likely see its first 90° day tomorrow and we could string a few of them together through the weekend.