Tenants say lack of maintenance at an eastside complex leading to more crime

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A woman says a lack of maintenance at her apartment complex is leading to more crime.

For months we’ve told you about the living conditions at Lexington Park Apartments and the dozens of health department complaints against them.

Residents say walking through kiddie pool-sized potholes and stepping over trash is the norm here.

“They told me that basically, they don’t have anything they can do without prior authorization from the owners and the only thing they can do to get in contact with the owners is email then wait for them to respond,” Tenant Saira Nigh said.

Saira Nigh feels like the lack of upkeep is causing a spike in crime. She says vacant apartments are broken into and squatters move in.

“When people move out nobody ever comes and secures them. No one ever comes to check the apartments and make sure they are locked up,” Nigh said.

Last month her apartment was broken into.

According to the police report; the thieves stole a wide range of items, but the most unusual item taken was her daughter’s baby teeth inside an old medicine bottle.

“It’s a violation. I can leave my house anytime and someone might break in,” Nigh said.

Community groups like the Ross Foundation say Lexington Park Apartments is one of several complexes in the 42nd and Post community to have crime and maintenance issues.

“We cannot have another apartment complex have the domino effect of all these surrounding apartments. We have to change what’s going on in our community,” Ross Foundation founder Derris Ross said.

For the 4th time, FOX 59 News Reporter Aaron Cantrell took the tenant’s concerns to the leasing office.

The employee told him they had no comment and barricaded herself behind the door.

Nigh hopes by speaking out like many others have; someone will step in and help.

“I don’t think any of the apartment complexes in this area are beyond saving; but will they do it?” Nigh said.

Tenants say the complex has yet again another new manager. We reached out to the owners TEH Realty and didn’t get a response.

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