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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 18, 2016) – The way people make phone calls in central Indiana is changing. Starting this weekend, residents are encouraged to dial ten digits when making local calls.

The 317 area code people living in and around Indianapolis are accustomed to using is running out of numbers. So, the 463 area code is being added. The additional area code will make it necessary to dial the area code and the phone number to complete calls starting this fall. While we are still months away from the new area code being rolled out, people should starting getting familiar with the new system now. A six-month grace period for residents starts Saturday.

“Beginning in the middle of September if you try to make a local call with seven digits you will get a recording asking you to hang up and please try again with the area code,” said Anthony Swinger, Spokesperson from Indiana Office of Utility Counselor. “And then in the beginning of October, new numbers may be assigned with the new area code.”

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission opted for the overlay method of adding an area code for new numbers, instead of splitting the 317 region in half and requiring people to change their current number.

“Whenever you introduce a new area code, you never do it without a level of inconvenience but we’ve learned over the years that the overlay is the least disruptive way of doing it,” Swinger said. “Everyone gets to keep his or her phone number, in some cases it might be a number someone’s had 50, 60 years.”

Swinger also said local calls will continue to be classified as local once the new area code starts being assigned.


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