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Jordan Marin-Doan pleaded guilty to arson resulting in serious bodily injury, auto theft, and voluntary manslaughter on Aug. 29, 2018. He was sentenced to a total of 62 years of prison with 299 days of jail credit.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The 16-year-old charged with the murder of his own adoptive father was in court Wednesday.

Jordan Marin-Doen was handcuffed and escorted into court charged as an adult with murder and arson. Police say the teen admitted that he set fire to his own house and killed his 45-year-old adoptive dad, Jason Doan.

According to court documents, Jordan started the fire while his family slept. He told police that he poured gasoline on the stairs and used a lighter to ignite it, then ran as the fire spread.

“Given the nature of the charge and that my client is 16 it is not surprising that it was a direct file. However, we are going to look at all of the facts and investigate on our own,” said Jordan’s criminal defense attorney Dave Seiter.

The Doan family told police Jordan had threatened to kill everyone in the home several times before that night. According to the court documents he told police he wanted to get a cell next to his biological dad in prison.

“Maybe someday this kid will grow up and realize how much Jason loved him and why he had rules and regulations,” said Jason’s cousin Lindsey Lawrence.

We sat down with the Doan family a few days before the court hearing. They say Jason sacrificed his own life to save theirs. Had he survived, they believe that he would forgive his adopted son.

“That is how big his heart is. He could forgive him and take him back into his home and continue raising him,” said Lawrence.

“This is certainly a tragic situation for all involved and I certainly hope the family can find healing wherever they can,” said Seiter.

Jordan remains behind bars. His next court appearance is in January.