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WESTFIELD, Ind.– Grand Park refuses to sit on the sidelines of the sports industry.

“They’ve got an opportunity to do something that no one else around the world is doing,” said Geoffre Sherman with the IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute.

The complex launched a research and development hub that partners with companies developing new technology for the sports industry.

Grand Park partnered with Aware Sports to develop streaming technology for parents to livestream games, capture plays and even measure the speed and trajectory of a ball. 

“I think it’s going to transform some things at Grand Park,” Sherman said. “Not the fundamentals of the field, games, but you’re going to see some pieces that are really going to interested parents, families and be like, ‘Wow this is cool.’”

Grand Park is one of 22 tech hubs in Indiana — each of them bringing new technology and business to the Hoosier state.  

“We’re redeveloping 400 acres of west end of campus as an innovation district, technically a tech park,” said Rich Michal, vice president and chief facilities and building officer for Purdue Research Foundation.

Discovery Park District at Purdue University hosts fortune 500 companies, early-stage startups and everything in between.

Michal says it’s invested more than $50 million in upgrades.

“We are building and designing it for 6G technology to make sure we have a connected community and it’s a living, learning lab,” Michal.

A lab that’s attracting new visitors to central Indiana.

“We have the opportunity to do these so people can not only work there, but we’re developing a live, work, play community,” Michal.