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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — A quick photo may be the reason a Morgan County tow truck driver is still on the roads helping people.

Brian Wagaman was having a busy night during this week’s snowstorm, but there is one call he may never forget. It happened on Highway 67 just outside of Centerton. Wagaman stopped to tow a vehicle out of a deep spin-off accident. Before getting out of the truck to help, he took a picture of the accident with his phone. He says he doesn’t normally take pictures of accidents, but due to the nature of the spin-off, he took one for damage liability purposes.

It’s at that moment when a Jeep came spinning by the side of his truck. Had he stepped out to begin working, instead of taking the picture, he may not be alive. His dash cams caught all of the angles.

“I had no idea how close I came to death until I played it back, and saw it with my own eyes,” Wagaman said before motioning to a gold pin he got out of a car that was headed to a scrap yard, “I just got this guardian angel pin about two weeks ago. I picked it up, been with me ever since. I like to think that kind of helped me out.”

Wagaman says he was called to roughly 15 accidents over the course of the storm. He suggests people slow down, and stop using their phones, especially with slick roads.