INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers will have the opportunity to revisit the nostalgia of their childhoods when Walmart’s Summer Rewind roadshow comes to Indianapolis in a few weeks’ time.

The cross-country roadshow is stopping in Indianapolis as part of its tour throughout the country as a total of 33 cities will be visited by the time the tour concludes.

Visitors can connect with their inner child by participating in a variety of different activities that will be available for guests. Interact with a life-sized toy box that will offer unique photo opportunities for Indy residents or indulge in sweet treats that will be available in the form of a giant freezer during the summer event.

Other activities include playing with an oversized Lite Brite installation, taking a spin on a lifesize art project and so much more.

An oversized smiley face will be waiting to welcome visitors at the store parking lot located at 3221 W. 86th Street on Sunday, Aug. 27 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.