Suspects accused of using counterfeit cash on shopping spree


From left to right: Vincent Davis, Fredrick Davis and Joseph Davis.

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EDINBURGH, Ind. (Jan. 4, 2015) — Three men in Johnson County are accused of going on a counterfeit shopping spree.

Police say the trio tried to spend fake money at the Edinburgh Premium Outlet mall and at a store in Franklin.

In a span of four hours, they allegedly bought shoes, sunglasses and clothes using counterfeit $100 bills, often returning the merchandise for cash.

“In each case they would essentially turn the $100 counterfeit bill into $100 real currency,” said Edinburgh police chief David Mann.

Chief Mann says two of the suspects, Vincent Davis and Fredrick Davis, went into the stores to spend the funny money. A third man, Joseph Davis, is also accused of taking part.

The suspects were arrested when they tried to pass another counterfeit hundred dollar bill in Franklin.

“We’re seeing a lot of counterfeiting right now,” said Mann.

With the help of computers, digital scanners, printers and the internet, counterfeiting con artists have more tools than ever to try and defraud businesses.

“It has turned into household industry for some folks,” said Mann. “It’s become pretty common.”

While the IMPD and Secret Service wouldn’t say how many counterfeit incidents they investigated in 2015, chief Mann says every business needs to make sure they properly train all employees to recognize and test fake bills.

“The old trick of writing on the bill with a pen, those days are passed. That’s not always effective,” said Mann.

All three suspects were booked into the Johnson County jail and released on bond while the case is investigated.

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