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SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — It’s been three months since a wrong-way crash on I-74 took the life of a mother of three. The drunk driver who police believe struck her car remains at large, despite being hospitalized the night of the accident.

“It’s taken this long, and we don’t understand why he walked out of the hospital?” questions Shannon Bonham who’s daughter Kassandra Jenkins died in the crash, “He was discharged on the day of our daughter’s showing.”

Jenkins was heading home from work when a car slammed into her on the highway. Police reports indicate that law enforcement witnessed Robert Antonio Lesure II driving his car the wrong-way on the highway causing the crash.

“They were chasing him. They shined a light on him. It’s all on dash cam,” adds Bonham. So far, Shelby County has yet to release any dash cam footage.

Jenkins’s family says she died on scene, but Lesure the second was taken to the hospital.. He was not arrested there, and was released.

“I think he never should have left the hospital, not without going to jail for the offense that they knew of,” believes Kassandra’s father Aaron Jenkins.

“I want to see him rot in jail, I do,” says Kassandra’s sister Kylie Jenkins, “For me, I want him to pay. I want him to serve as long as he possibly can. He does not deserve to be out there to wreck anyone else family.”

He is being charged with causing a death while driving drunk, and reckless homicide. Court records show he was arrested for driving with an invalid license in 2018.

It’s been three months since the crash, and law enforcement has yet to find him. Crimestoppers released his picture, and warrant on Thursday.

“There has to be probable cause, and many times that probable cause needs to be examined by a prosecutor. What the police know at any point in time verse what they can prove, is always very difficult,” explains Dan Rosenberg with Crimestoppers, “To be honest, he’s been out there a longer period of time, the likelihood that there are more people right now, that if they know he’s wanted have that information, then I think we have a high likelihood that people can help us.”

If you have any information on his current whereabouts you are urged to call crime stoppers at 317-262-tips.