Suspect dies in crash after hit-and-run involving IMPD officer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 1, 2015)– Police are investigating a fatal crash involving a hit-and-run with an IMPD detective. Police say a driver hit an on-duty detective’s car three times, then took-off and crashed. The male suspect, later identified as Salvador Lecona, 31, was pronounced dead on scene. Police say the 54-year-old detective is okay.

Police say the detective was stopped at the intersection of Stop 11 Road and South Emerson Avenue around 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Police say the detective was waiting for the traffic light to change when Lecona pulled-up and rear-ended the officer’s car twice.

Police say the detective got out of the car, identified himself as an officer verbally, showed his badge and turned-on emergency lights — but police say Lecona drove his car right toward the detective.

“The vehicle then spun its tires and the officer had to jump behind his car — his car door — to avoid the vehicle that was now coming at him. Luckily the vehicle did not strike him, however it did strike the officers car,” said IMPD spokesperson Kendale Adams.

Adams says, after Lecona hit the detective’s car a third time, he drove south on Emerson Avenue and west on Stop 11 Road. The detective who was involved then found the Lecona’s car inverted on the side of the road. He was pronounced dead on scene.

Officers say his injuries were consistent with injuries from the car crash. Police say the detective isn’t associated with Lecona — they don’t know why he crashed into the detective’s car.

According to the coroner, his cause of death is multiple blunt force traumatic injuries.

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