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On Dec. 14, 2017, Jacquese Chaney was found guilty of rape, robbery resulting in bodily injury, sexual battery, battery resulting in bodily injury, burglary, arson, kidnapping and intimidation. He was sentenced to 75 years at the Indiana Department of Corrections.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 17, 2015) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police say Jacquese Chaney, 20, is responsible for the armed robbery earlier in December that put Community North Hospital on lockdown. Not only that, police say Chaney is responsible for multiple reported rapes on the other side of town.

“She was worried about me, she wanted to make sure I was safe and she was like, I know you’re not going out by yourself too much in the dark but don’t do it and I was like, ‘Ok,’” said Lyda Moothery who lives on North High School Road.

Moothery walks along North High School Road every day. She’d heard from friends Thursday that Chaney, a suspect tied to rapes there, had finally been arrested.

“Stuff like this happens all the time. It doesn’t surprise me anymore. In fact it just saddens me every time,” she said.

Chaney police say has been taken into custody and charged with raping one woman and trying to rape another along North High School Road, late last month.

Chaney police say held both women at gun point.

IMPD detectives are not releasing his mugshot just yet because they say he’s potentially tied to multiple other crimes throughout the city.

“It’s very surprising to me, I just moved here not even, about five months ago so something like that really does scare me. I have a friend that works right up the street here and sometimes when I’m unable to get to her, she does have to walk home, so that’s something that really is scary,” said Melinda Walker who also lives on North High School Road.

Police say Chaney is also responsible for an armed robbery and the attempted kidnapping of a woman in the parking lot of Community North Hospital. The incident that took place in early December put the hospital campus on lockdown for hours.

Chaney allegedly held up a hospital employee at gun point and threatened to throw her in her car and take off if she didn’t comply.

Police finally were able to put an end to Chaney’s alleged cross-city trail of terror when he was arrested on December 6.

“I’m very happy. I have a 15-year-old daughter that has to sometimes walk home from school so good, I’m glad they got him,” said Walker.

In total, right now, Chaney is facing nine different charges including rape and armed robbery.

If you or someone you know believes they are a victim of Chaney, police want to hear from you.