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SHELBYVILLE — “It needs to go back to basics”. That’s what Shelbyville’s Rupert Boneham told CBS4’s Bob Donaldson ahead of the ‘Survivor’ season 41 finale.

Rupert, is a four-time ‘Survivor’ player (Pearl Islands, All Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water) that never won the game. But, he took home the fan favorite $1 million prize on the All Stars season.

Rupert was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Bob and Rupert talked about his cancer journey and his program Rupert’s Kids where he mentors at risk youth.

Bob also asked Rupert about the new twists from this season.

Bob: It’s a whole new way of playing the game?

Rupert: Oh gosh, they have the if I think I’m going to get voted out you can draw a rock but it’s a one in six chance my God you better be really desperate. They put in a twist where you can try for this immunity but the first one out of the immunity has to go into a do or die situation. What happened to ‘Survivor’ where it counts on your social game, on your game play. People say I have no game play and they don’t understand because I tell everybody what’s going on and I share everything. But there’s no other guy out there that’s got 100 days in three games. I know the value in the social play, it’s how I made it through. You start throwing challenges and things in there that social play doesn’t matter? You’re taking part of the game away. They should go back to the old way, eight people on each tribe. Strangers. I know I’d love to play again! But, strangers. No food, no water, no nothing. And watch them starve, and struggle and see who the best Survivor is.

Bob: What do you think is being compromised with these new rules?

Rupert: They have taken a game and keep throwing twists out there and keep throwing stuff out there. I like that they’re not doing puzzles on every challenge but for one that likes the physical side, too. If you can’t tell, I’d love to go play the game again. MY GOSH! I even told them I’d go be a prize, you can win me on Survivor!

Bob: They haven’t ruined the game?

Rupert: No, no. It’s like our program [Rupert’s Kids]. It’s hard to kill a good idea. No matter what you to do to it, Survivor’s a great idea. I just think they need to go back to basics.

The ‘Survivor’ 41 finale airs Wednesday, December 15th at 8pm. Season 42 of ‘Survivor’ is slated to begin March 9th.