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INDIANAPOLIS — Noblesville’s Marya Sherron got to experience the dream of a lifetime, she got to fly out to Fiji, to be a contestant on season 42 of Survivor. Sadly, Marya was voted out on day 5. We spoke to her ahead of tonight’s finale about her experience, what she regrets and who she is rooting for.

Survivor Season 42 cast

Sherron was the third season 42 contestant to depart the show. Zach Wurtenberger was voted out in the premiere episode, and Jackson Fox was asked to leave Fiji shortly after filming started because he had failed to disclose a medication he was taking, creating a safety issue.

The night Sherron was voted out, the episode showed her Taku tribe split between voting out her and now fan-favorite Maryanne Oketch. “Someone had to go and sadly it was me,” Sherron said.

She told CBS4 she regrets not playing harder. “You have to start playing the minute your feet hit the sand, you have to make connections and bonds on day 1.” She went on to say “I had everything calculated and I really thought I knew what was going to happen. But what I didn’t do is fight. Which we would see in later episodes like Omar running around and making things happen, he made things happen, and I didn’t do that. And I regret that.”

Survivor Season 42 cast

New era of Survivor

Sherron played what’s called the ‘Shot in the Dark’. It’s a new game mechanic unveiled during season 41 of Survivor. Contestants have a 1 in 6 chance of pulling a ‘safe’ scroll. Sherron said her gut told her to play ‘Shot in the Dark’, but sadly for her, it didn’t work.

Recently, Survivor host Jeff Probst confirmed to entertainment outlets, including TV Insider, the new era of Survivor, with different rewards and advantages is here to stay, at least in the short term.

Survivor 41 and 42 were 26-day games because of COVID-19 quarantines. But, multiple sources say Survivor 43 and 44, which are filming this year, will also be 26-day seasons.

Who is Sherron rooting for?

Sherron says she’s pulling for her Taku tribe. Specifically, she’s rooting for Lindsay Dolashewich to take the season 42 Survivor crown. “She’s worked really hard.”

You can watch the three-hour season finale of Survivor on CBS4 at 8pm tonight. Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Jonathan Young, and Lindsay Dolashewich will all compete for the $1 million prize.