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A few spotty showers will be possible before 7am Sunday but overall, it’s looking to be a great day to tailgate ahead of the Colts home game against the Chiefs. We’re expecting sunshine for the rest of the day so the roof and window are likely to be open during the game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

A streak of sunny days starts Monday. We’re back into some chilly mornings in the 40s and afternoons in the 60s next week. The first full week of fall will be running 5° to 10° below average with out best chance for rain coming Tuesday.

Tracking the Tropics

Tropical Storm Ian has formed in the Caribbean and will gain strength this weekend. The storm will reach hurricane status before threatening western Cuba by early next week. The storm will continue to intensify and become a major category hurricane by the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll have to watch this storm carefully as it could strike along the west coast of Florida next week.

Wet weekends have been common this month and this year.

Expect a sunny, windy, cool Sunday

Sunday will be our last day with at least 12 hours of daylight.