We’re going to be feeling fantastic this Wednesday! There are a few showers still lingering around this morning but we will be bright and dry across central Indiana by the afternoon. A cold front has passed to the south of the state. It’s taking the haze from wildfire smoke with it and the rain chances will come to an end by mid to late morning. Unfortunately, as expected, the rain didn’t amount to much. 24-hour rainfall estimates show it was just a light rain that fell across the state. Some areas, like Indianapolis, received rainfall, but it wasn’t even enough to be measurable. Only a trace amount of rain fell over the Indianapolis airport Tuesday night. We still need more rain! The first week of June is at nearly a 1″ rainfall deficit for the month.

We will be bright and comfortable this afternoon. Temperatures will rise to the mid 70s. The Indianapolis Indians are home at Victory Field for an afternoon game. It’s a perfect day for baseball. First pitch is at 1:35 PM.

We turn colder tonight. By early Thursday morning, we’ll be on the chilly side with temperatures starting off in the low 50s, while some locations may fall to the upper 40s. However, each of the next several afternoons will feel fantastic. High temperatures will warm to the mid and upper 70s through Friday. Our next rain chance holds off until Sunday.