Suburban Christian School expels 2 students after handgun, ammo brought to junior high


INDIANAPOLIS — Two students were expelled and school is closed for the day after officials say the students brought a gun and ammunition to Suburban Christian School.

According to school officials and an IMPD report, a 13-year old student at Suburban Christian School brought an unloaded semiautomatic handgun to the junior high building on Monday. Another 13-year old student brought a loaded magazine to the building.  The school is located in the 700 block of East County Line Road.

“This was raised by another student, reported to administration, and immediately police were called,” said Josh Hershberger, attorney for Suburban Christian School.

The students were taken into custody by police and expelled from the school.

According to a statement from Suburban Christian School, the students never threatened or harmed anyone with the items. The presence of the items on school grounds is a violation of the school’s policy.

“We are committed to the safety of our staff, our students, our visitors on campus,” said Suburban Christian School Administrator Jeremy Wilhelm.

Parents were notified about the incident at the end of the school day Monday and informed that the school would be closed on Tuesday.

“It was on law enforcement’s request that we give them time to complete the investigation,” Hershberger said. “They needed some additional time to do their investigation, and that would be very wide ranging including the premises, including social media, etc.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, Hershberger released a statement that said “Law enforcement informed the school that they are wrapping up their investigation and recommended that the school open for classes tomorrow. So, all regular classes and extracurricular activities will resume tomorrow morning, September 1st, at regularly scheduled times.”

From Suburban Christian School:

Suburban Christian School is dedicated to providing a Christian education in a safe environment. To that end, our school policies prohibit students from bringing items to school that would distract from our educational mission or pose a danger to other students. We also employ a School Resource Officer to ensure that our campus is safe; and we coordinate with Perry Township schools, local police, and a local security agency on developing and maintaining security procedures.

“Certainly going to be working with local law-enforcement and private security to make sure we are doing everything we can to provide a safe learning environment for our students,” Wilhelm said.

According to the school’s website, Suburban Christian School is “an accredited, private Christian school located on the south side of Indianapolis.” A little more than 300 students attend from preschool through 12th grade.

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