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Electric scooters were legalized in the Indianapolis in September 2018 and since then injuries have skyrocketed.

A recent study by IU Health shows radiology exams, like x-rays, due to e-scooter accidents increased 300 percent from 2017 to 2018.

More than half of those people had some kind of injury, with the most common being wrist fractures or bruising. Some patients admitted to being under the influence at the time they were hurt.

Researchers also found that twice as many men were injured as women.

“I think that what we found was that the electric scooters do likely pose a public health threat to residents,” Dr. Aiza Ashraf from the IU School of Medicine said.

Purdue University is also planning on studying the safety of electric skateboards and scooters after a rash of serious injuries on campus. Purdue President Mitch Daniels said one student suffered a near-fatal accident while using an electric skateboard.

That panel is expected to look at possible speed limits, restrictions on hours of operation and helmet requirements.

IU Health recommends following the rules for scooter riding and wearing proper safety gear, like helmets.

Study officials hope more research can be done so proper policies can be put in place to keep both riders and the general public safe from electric scooter accidents.