Students on edge after shots fired near IU

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A police investigation is underway in Bloomington after shots rang out near Indiana University's campus early Sunday morning.

Students were first notified of the incident after receiving an alert from campus police which informed them a person with a gun was spotted near campus. Police immediately urged students to lock their doors and take safe shelter as they investigated the situation that ultimately ended with shots being fired near 18th Street and Lincoln Street—just blocks from Indiana University.

Bloomington police said two people were shot and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

“This seems like a pretty safe neighborhood, a bunch of students around here,” sophomore Ryan Morrison said.

But he says it didn’t seem so safe Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m. after receiving the alert from University Police.

“There were probably about 15 to 20 squad cars that were out here,” Morrison said.

While Morrison was inside capturing video on his cell phone, IU senior Madelyn Kinyon was listening to the commotion before stepping into her driveway and witnessing what she described as chaotic moments.

“We walked down my driveway and saw a big group of about 20 or 30 people at this intersection. Right when we walked out, my friend immediately saw one of the people had a gun,” Kinyon said.

While inside, Morrison described what he heard: “I heard a couple of shots go off like, 'pop, pop, pop.' I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was fireworks. Five seconds later, I heard another round of 'pop, pop, pop,'” he said.

Students say the shots sent many students running and ducking for cover and even left someone’s window shot out next to the University Village Apartments.

But none of them could tell if shots were being fired at someone or in the air.

“We ran inside, locked all the doors, called police. They came and scoped everything out, they were here for hours. It was really scary,” Kinyon said.

Morrison says he stayed inside the entire time as he watched officers spend hours at the scene gathering evidence.

“I couldn’t sleep. I was literally laying in bed shaking,” he said.

University police sent an alert to students about an hour later saying Bloomington police did not locate a suspect, but they were still in the area investigating. But students are hoping police can get to the bottom of this so it doesn't happen again.

“I just hope that this kind of activity doesn’t continue. IU should be a really safe place for everybody here, especially freshman that live around this area,” Kinyon said.

Students are commending police for their immediate response. In the meantime, police have yet to locate a suspect, but they are continuing to investigate.

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