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4 Fast Facts

  • Students involved in Pike HS sex video face charges in juvenile court
  • Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said matter is being handled as “juvenile delinquency case”
  • Nature of charges against students can’t be disclosed
  • Video first circulated in May, earning tens of thousands of views

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two students recorded having sex at Pike High School face charges as juveniles, prosecutors said Thursday.

According to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, information about the incident was presented to prosecutors and the matter was being handled as a “juvenile delinquency case” in juvenile court. As a result, the nature of the charges against those students can’t be disclosed, according to Peg McLeish with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

McLeish sent the following statement about the case:

“I cannot disclose information regarding those juveniles who would be facing prosecution in juvenile court for committing acts that would be misdemeanors if committed by an adult without a court order. We strongly caution any child from photographing, video recording or sharing photographs or recordings of any sexual conduct involving a minor as such behavior could result in the filing of juvenile delinquency case against the child and the child’s detention in a juvenile detention facility.”

The person who recorded the video will not face charges.

The story first came to light in May when a viral video circulated that showed two students having sex on the school’s campus. It spread quickly across social media, getting the attention of parents, students and administrators. The original version of the video has since been taken down.

FOX59 received numerous calls and emails about the video from concerned parents and students.

Pike school police handled the investigation and the school district said it was investigating the matter.

In a previous statement, the district said the situation had been “dealt with and discussed with the students involved and their parents.”

While the school didn’t say if it would pursue criminal charges after the video came to light, the district didn’t rule out the possibility at the time.