Student at Indiana University living off campus tests positive for COVID-19


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Monroe County Health Department announced an Indiana University Bloomington student living off campus has tested positive for COVID-19.

Officials said the student is in isolation off the Bloomington campus, and has been since Friday, March 13.

Beth Rupp, Medical Director of IU Health Center Bloomington, said thepatient came to the Indiana University Health Center on March 13th for a flu-like illness.

The student was tested for COVID-19, which was sent out to a private lab (LabCorp) in Burlington, North Carolina. 

The student was then told to isolate while waiting for the results, and medical staff checked on the patient daily.

A positive test result came back early Friday morning, and medical staff notified the patient.

Officials said the patient is doing well and has minimal symptoms at this point.

Brad Seifers, University Director for Emergency Management and Continuity, saidstarting mid-January, IU put together an instant management team to prepare for this eventual reality.

Seifers said everyone on campus is being kept up to date, and IU meets with other higher-ed institutions to keep them up to date at least three times a week.

Contact tracing is being conducted to determine other individuals who may have come in contact with the student, and officials will follow up with the student to determine when the student can be released from isolation.

Officials said contact tracing means talking to the patient about their history, then identifying who their contacts are. Nurses or other staff will then contact individuals who are at risk and make them aware and give them guidance they need to follow.

The Health Department said it is working closely with the Indiana State Department of Health and Indiana University to make sure the public continues to stay updated.

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